Meet the World’s first AI Phishing Simulation Builder

Article | November 2020

Breaking News in The Cybersecurity Sector!

We’re thrilled to unveil a pioneering achievement in cybersecurity training: Meet our AI Phishing Simulation Builder, the FIRST of its kind!

This revolutionary tool will transform how we prepare for cyber threats. Get ready to experience training like never before with our state-of-the-art AI technology!

Cywareness AI Simulator Key Features:

  • Realistic Simulations: Our AI makes phishing feel like the real deal, giving your team the ultimate training experience.
  • Guided Learning Adventure: Our AI Phishing Simulation Builder goes all out! Picture this: it crafts an entire simulation with a legit email or SMS, a slick landing page, and a micro-training journey. Your team gets a step-by-step tour on how to dodge the phishing pitfalls like cybersecurity ninjas!
  • Data-Driven Awesomeness: Get intelligent insights into your team’s readiness with killer analytics and reports.
  • DIY Scenarios: Customize your drills for a personalized training session that suits your crew.
  • So Easy, Your Grandma Could Use It: Our user-friendly design makes managing simulations a breeze for pros and newbies alike.

Discover this powerful new tool here:

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