Python 101
A thorough introductory course on the fundamentals of Python.
120 hours
120 hours


Python is one of the most used languages.  It is commonly used as a “scripting language” for web applications since it automates specific tasks. Python is present in software apps, games, web pages, and OS interfaces. As of November 2020, the TIOBE index ranked Python the second most popular and the fastest-growing programming language. Like many other areas of cybercrime, when a programming language becomes popular it becomes a target for hackers. Security teams must be aware of this latest threat.
Our Python 101 course will allow trainees to delve into the world of this fast-growing programming language. Understanding Python and the fundamentals lay the foundations for anybody hoping to extend their cyber knowledge or proactively defend their company from attack.

The course covers the following topics:


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Variables, expressions, and Syntax
  • Constants
  • Variable name and keywords
  • Basic Syntax
  • Expressions
  • Operators
  • Print Function
  • Comments
Boolean, none, and Strings
  • Boolean Type
  • None Type
  • Comparison operators
  • Strings
Conditional Execution
  • Flow Control
  • If, Elif,Else
Data Structures – List
  • What is a list
  • Working with a list
  • Strings and lists
  • What is a dictionary
  • Working with a dictionary
  • Methods
  • What is a Tupl?
  • Working with a dictionary
  • Packing,Unpacking
  • What is a set
  • Working with sets
Loops & Iterations
  • Iterations
  • While,For loops
  • What is a Function
  • Working with functions
  • Parameters and arguments
    • Recursion
Built in Methods
  • sum, min, max, enumerate, filter,map
  • Lambda functions
  • File handling
  • Reading a file
  • Writing to a file
  • Opening a file
  • File syntax
  • Basic Module Creation
  • Import statement
  • Built-in modules
  • Working with PIP
  • Selenium
  • Request module
  • Flask API Module
  • BeautifulSoup4 Module
  • GUI – TkInter
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About CYBERPRO was founded in cooperation with international information security and instruction authorities who bring to Israel world-leading cyber training technologies and a learning experience of the highest standard available today.

The partners include the IITC group which has been training graduates for the high tech industry for over 20 years, and was selected as the training center for the Cisco Company in Israel.

CYBERPRO’s advanced, sought-after training courses in the areas of infrastructures, information security and cyber are world famous. These training courses were developed by some of the best cyber experts in the world, for international security organizations that emphasize the high training capabilities, the professional learning methods and the unique training and practice technologies. Our connection with international groups allows our students to be exposed to unique employment opportunities in Israel and abroad.

The training and learning tracks are all based much hands-on practice and preparation for the industry and profession requirements, so they include technological labs and practice sessions using one of the most advanced simulators in the world.

    • Everyone
    • Programmers with experience in other languages
    • None
    • Basic python programming