A job in cybersecurity is a job for life.

Article | May 2021

The Cyberwar is well underway.

You do not have to be particularly tech-savvy to have heard about the numerous high-profile cyber-attacks in the last few years. With FacebookTwitterMGM Grand, and Zoom just a few of the high profile companies hacked, billions of people had their personal data stolen. These attacks are on the rise, and experts predict that cybercrime could cost up to $6 trillion THIS year. With a number that big, it is hard to grasp the scale of the problem. To put it into some perspective, since you started reading this article, cybercrime will have cost over $4 million. It is safe to say then that this is a big problem for businesses, and with reputations on the line, we must start fighting back.


How did we get here?

One of the most significant contributing factors is a lack of cyber knowledge. Attacks are becoming more intelligent, targeted, and challenging to detect, and hackers can identify an organization’s weak spots with ease and strike with precision. In the fast-paced world of IT, new technology gets released daily, and it can be hard to keep up, but if we do not understand how hackers operate or what they want, how can we go about stopping them? If we all improved our cyber awareness just a little bit and trained our professionals to face the latest Cyber threats, businesses would be far safer. It would also be much harder for cybercriminals to execute an attack successfully. If you are interested in training your workforce, we are passionate about providing top-class cybersecurity training tailored to suit anybody’s needs. You can find a list of Cyberpro Global’s updated Cyber training courses here.


The great cybersecurity uprising.

With cybercrime on the rise and businesses at risk, organizations have decided now is the time to start fighting back and looking to cybersecurity professionals for help protecting their valuable data. These trained experts are in high demand, and a couple of years ago, industry experts predicted that there would be a shortage of 3.5 million cyber specialists. These astonishing numbers were pre-covid, and the cyber landscape has changed drastically in a short space of time, which means the demand will be higher now than anyone ever expected. This surge in activity has seen demand for cybersecurity roles shoot up, with specific skills rising by as much as 255%.


Cybercrime is here to stay.

The threat from hackers is never-ending, and the landscape is constantly changing and evolving. This all-out assault on data will not be going away any time soon. If anything, the more digitalized our world is, the more intense this will become. We are leaning on technology more than ever before, giving organizations unprecedented insight into our lives. Although we may enjoy the benefits, if these companies do not have the means to protect our data, it could leave us exposed. And, as long as the data is out there, hackers will try anything they can to get hold of it. This war will not be ending any time soon. We are in this for the long haul. With this in mind, industry insiders have predicted that the cybersecurity job market will continue to rise for the next decade, with an increase of over 30%, more than three times any other industry.


A job in cybersecurity is a job for life.

So we know that the cyberwar is here to stay, that businesses are starting to fight back, and there is a shortage of trained professionals, but what does that mean for you, and why should you consider pursuing a career in cybersecurity? The most meaningful advantage of being cyber aware is the transferable skill set. Yes, cybersecurity is by design focused on the world of IT and technology, but the skills needed to identify a vulnerability, develop a plan of action, and carry it out are vital in any sector. When you add the pressure of tight time frames and ever-changing problems, you can start to see why Forbes reported last year that specific qualifications could add over $10,000 to your salary


CYBERPRO Global are committed to helping people develop these valuable skills, and are partnering with universities worldwide to provide specialized Cybersecurity courses. The world has reached an important crossroads, and it has ever been more critical to have highly skilled cyber experts across all sectors, and these courses are our way of joining the war against cybercrime. CYBERPRO Global are investing in the future and want to bring their courses to as many educational facilities as possible to help train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.